Adesh Agarwal.

I am a tech enthusiast who likes to build amazing apps and websites. Currently, I'm focused on mobile application development, both Android and iOS.


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👨đŸŊ‍đŸ’ģI love music, coding, building things and learning new technologies. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Science as a Computer Science graduate at the University of New Haven.

Take a look at the several web and mobile apps I have built on my GitHub.

My preferred development fields 👇đŸŊ

iOS App Development with SwiftUI
Android App Development with Kotlin
Google Firebase
Adesh Agarwal

My Coding Projects 🛠ī¸


Grocery Delivery Android App

This is a realtime Android application, built using Kotlin for Android and Firebase by Google and is aimed at providing a user-friendly and convenient system to all the users. The project integrates :

🔗 GitHub Repo

Firebase integration for products, sellers, customers, orders, etc
APIs like Google Places API for location
Seller-end application with inventory management
Dynamic Searching for products

Drawfully iOS App

A dynamic iOS app for creative artists to showcase their skills to other users. Built using SwiftUI, the app uses different native, custom and third-party libraries/services.

🔗 GitHub Repo

Live-Camera view like Snapchat, Instagram, etc
FirebaseAuth and Cloud Storage to track users and maintain data.
Push Notifications

Amazon (E-commerce) for Web React Application

An e-commerce web application built using ReactJS. A Full Stack demo of Amazon Marketplace.

🔗 GitHub Repo

Icons and other resources from MaterialUI
Firebase implementation
Encryption of user info like payment details, etc while storing on server

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